Ray typ 2

Ray laddkabel Type 2 max 16A

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  • Artnr: 100312

Beskrivning av artikel

Ray laddkabel för tillfällig laddning i vanligt vägguttag. Laddström kan anpassas stegvis upp till max 16A.

RAY Type 2
Description RAY 1P 16A T1
Product number 100312
Mode 2
Voltage 220-420 V
Current 6-16 A
Vehicle interface 62196-2 (IEC Type 2)
Cable length 7.5 m
Ground fault protection RCD type A, <30mA
Encapsulation IP66
Operating temperature -25 °C to +45 °C
Standards IEC 61851-1 Ed.3
IEC 62196-2
Protective earth conductor Non-switched
Self-tests Self-tests of the RDC is performed at the insertion into the car. The relays are continuously monitored for welding.



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